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Report Guide

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1 Report Guide on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:12 am

Hey its me Master_KingLP!

Today i will show YOU how to report a player correctly.

1. Name/Names:
We need the names from the rulebreaking player, So we can punish him.

2. Evidence:
We only accept Videos/Screens.

3. Was a Admin/Mod online? If yes, Why did they ignore you, Or did you even ask them to help?
We need the name of the Admin/Mod so we can ask him why he did not help you.

4. Your not allowed to report: RandomPerson987, Master_KingLP.

This would be it. Have a nice day.

~[Head Administrator] Master_KingLP

This thread will be updated every month.

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More staff will be added soon.

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